GBCH SUCH Blandora Beat That At Honebon


1994-07-26 - 2008-02-25

33 cm

CERF clear 2006-11-21

Meriter i Sverige:
4:a Årets avelshane 2001
4:a Årets avelshane 2000
5:a Årets avelshane 1999
4:a Årets avelshane 1998
5:a Årets kines 1997
7:a Årets kines 1998
3 cacib
1 cert

Showresults in Sweden

My beloved Solly has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.
His heart stopped beating at home in my lap the 25:th of February.
Apart from being a fabulous show dog and stud he was my dear friend.
He was that perfect leader of the pack with a lot of authority but never vicious.
He had the sweetest disposition both with people and other dogs.
He really was my special dog and I am missing him tremendously.


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